How Blind Cricket is Played?

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How Blind Cricket Played?:

Blind Cricket and Its History:

Blind Cricket is a mode of cricket basically for blind and partially sighted players. Since 1996, World Blind Cricket Council(WBCC) govern Blind Cricket. 5 World Cup held till now. The First edition of World Cup For Blind Held in New Delhi in the year 1998 and the Last Edition held in India(Pan India). The Third Edition scheduled in 2006 at Islamabad Pakistan. Batsman maximum time plays the “Sweep Shot” in order to hit the ball. Let us know¬†How Blind Cricket is Played?.

Blind Cricket invented in Melbourne in 1922 by two factory workers who improvised the game by using a tin can containing the rocks inside it. after this Victorian Blind Cricket Association formed soon in 1922. At Kooyong, the ground and the clubhouse for blind built in 1928.

The first test match for Blind Cricket played between Pakistan and South Africa in the year 2000, however, Pakistan defeated South Africa by 94 runs. South Africa won the First Blind Cricket World Cup in 1998 by defeating Pakistan in the finals. Pakistan won the BCWC consecutive for the two years in 2002 and 2006 by defeating South Africa and India respectively. In 2014 India won the BCWC by defeating two times champions Pakistan in the final.

Rules Of Blind Cricket:

The rules of Blind cricket is based on the standard laws of cricket with few changes. There are 11 players each side, 4 players must be Totally Blind(B1), 3 Players Partially Blind(B2), and 4 up to partially sighted players(B3).

The main equipment in Blind Cricket is the ‘Ball’ which is significantly larger in size compared with standard size ball and is filled with ‘Ball Bearings’ to provide Audible cues. The Size of the ball allows a sighted person the see the ball and the Ball Bearings inside the balls allow the total blind player to hear the sound and play accordingly.

How Blind Cricket is Played?

Wickets are made up of Metals and painted in fluorescent color also larger in size. it helps sighted partial player to see and a totally blind player to touch it correctly while batting and bowling.

How Blind Cricket is Played?

World Blind Cricket Council(WBCC):

WBCC established in 1996 during an International Cricket Meeting at New Delhi in September. Basically, WBCC set up with an objective to promote and administer the game of Blind Cricket across the world. Currently, WBCC has 10 members such as Australia, India, Pakistan, Srilanka, England, Bangladesh, South Africa, New Zealand, West Indies, and Nepal. George Abraham was the 1st Chairman of WBCC, the first world cup held under his leadership in 1998 at New Delhi.

T20 Blind Cricket World Cup:

The First Edition of T20 Blind Cricket World Cup held in 2012 at Aditya Academy Ground Bangalore, India won the World cup by defeating Pakistan in the final by 29 runs.

Second Edition of T20 World Cup also held in India and Host team won the World Cup trophy by defeating Pakistan.


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