Ben stokes Revealed Why His Father Was Supporting New Zealand In The Final

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Ben Stokes Father Gerard Stokes
First-Ever Final In The History of Cricket which had a lot of ups & downs moment. The final of the World Cup 2019 was among the most thrilling cricket match played ever. Ben stokes Revealed Why His Father Was Supporting New Zealand In The Final.

England got an expensive boundary in the last over as an extra which shocked Newzealand. England Needed 15 in the final over the game. Ben stokes managed to score 14 runs in the final over of the game & the match got a tie. Accordingly, ICC announced earlier. If knockout stage matches end in a tie then super over will come into the action to get a winner. So Match moved into the super over both the teams scored 15 runs in the super over. Though England Scored More boundaries compare to Newzealand, England Was announced as a Winner of the World Cup 2019.

Ben Stokes Innings ICC World Cup 2019 Final Match against New Zealand

Why Did Ben Stokes Father Support New Zealand, not England?

Gerard Stokes( Father of Ben Stokes) revealed it was a mixed feeling watching the final of the World Cup 2019. One side Ben was Playing and another side Country. Gerard supported his country first not his son. He was disappointed with the result of the game.

Gerard Admitted I am disappointed for the Kiwis, it’s such a shame someone told to walk away without the trophy. Hand on heart I am overjoyed for Ben & the team but I am still a Newzealand supporter.

Gerard, also admitted that he will be the most hated father right now in New Zealand, that was pretty tongue in cheek I hope it was anyway.

Gerard feels proud that his son has the kind of influence he did in deciding the game. He also mentioned it is unlikely that any of the England teammates would have been able to stop the all-rounder from coming back out of the super over. I am happy with my son’s performance his hard work paid off.

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